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Pay IMI (Portugal property tax) in 2024: this is the tax payment schedule

16 May, 2024 Economy

Anyone who owns a house, land or any other property must be aware of the deadlines for payment of the Municipal Property Tax (IMI). The IMI payment schedule started in May and may drag on until November. It all depends on the amount of tax payable.


This is the schedule of IMI payment deadlines according to the amounts to be paid, as recently recalled  by the Tax and Customs Authority (AT):

- May: for one-off instalments for tax equal to or less than 100 euros;

- May and November: two instalments for IMI of more than 100 euros and less than 500 euros;

- May, August and November: three instalments for tax equal to or greater than 500 euros.


IMI  instalments must be paid by the last day of each month. To do so, simply consult the payment details indicated in the collection note sent by mail by the AT. This information is also available on the Finance Portal. 


And who has to pay an IMI of more than 100 euros, can they also make the payment only once? Yes. "In the bill for the first instalment there are two references, one relates to the first instalment and the other to the entire tax", clarifies the AT in a note on Instagram. 


This information is also available on the Finance Portal, after Login, in the side menu: Payments>Payments in progress.


Thus, owners have the possibility to make the full payment of IMI in the May settlement.



If you pay by a non portugues bank account, follow the instructions: (information available in Portuguese, English and French)



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