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Lagoa Algarve council, launches awareness communication to save water in the region

16 May, 2024 General

In response to the Algarve's drought, Lagoa's municipality implemented general measures to reduce & rationalize water use from 02/29/2024. Please be aware how and where it is expressly prohibited to use water.



The Algarve is enforcing temporary water restrictions to combat the drought. These measures aim to achieve significant reductions in water use compared to 2023 levels. Specifically, they target a 15% cut in urban areas (homes, businesses, and tourism), a 25% reduction in agriculture, and an 18% decrease in water usage by golf courses.


The measures, which aim to create "greater savings and rationalisation of water reserves", are part of the resolution approved by the Council of Ministers in February "to help maintain water sustainability in the short and medium term" in the region, highlighted the municipality.


The Deputy Mayor of Lagoa, Anabela Simão Correia Rocha, took into account the Council of Ministers resolution no. 26-A/2024 which was published on 20 February and announced that from the date of publication of the measures which is 29 February 2024, the following is expressly prohibited:

General measures for reducing and rationalising water usage:


- The use of water from the public network or potable water extracted from other natural water sources for watering gardens and lawns on private property, subject to the exceptions necessary to ensure the survival of trees or monumental nature.


- Suspension of any usage of water from the public network or extracted from other natural water sources for the irrigation of green spaces and public gardens.


- Prohibition on the utilisation of water from the public network or extracted from other natural water sources inornamental fountains, artificial lakes.


- Prohibition on the washing of floors, patios, walls and roofs with water from the public network or with water extracted from other natural sources.


- The use, between 1 June and 30 September 2024, of water from the public network for washing vehicles (light or heavy), motorbikes, quadricycles, scooters or similar, unless it is carried out in establishments licensed for commercial activity and which have water recirculation systems; use of sponges and buckets outside commercial establishments.



In addition, non-compliance with orders or lawful orders of the competent authorities, i.e. the municipal inspection services, carried out in violation of and during the validity of the above prohibitions, constitutes an administrative offence pursuant to Article 41 of the above-mentioned Council of Ministers Resolution no. Between 6,000.00 euros and 36,000.00 in the case of a legal person, in accordance with the provisions of Articles 22.2 and 22.3, (Framework Law on Environmental Offences), as currently in force.


The Municipality of Lagoa writes "We are aware that water management is an imperative for survival in the Algarve, where this resource is increasingly scarce, the Municipality of Lagoa has made a considerable financial effort in recent years to replace pipes in the water supply network.

The Municipality of Lagoa took advantage of the PRR, in fact, to install 11 Measurement and Control Zones, in the Parish of Porches, in an investment of 600 thousand euros, and is currently installing another 47 ZMC'S, in an investment of 1 million and seven hundred thousand euros. With this intervention, the territory of Lagoa will be covered by this system which will make it possible to detect water breaks, even those that are not visible on the surface, detecting where there is abnormal pressure in the pipe, creating a greater risk of breaking.

The continued replacement of pipelines, which will continue with the renewal of three of the main ones in the coming weeks, is already producing results: from 2022 to 2023, real water losses decreased by 6%, an efficiency indicator that the Municipality expects to continue to improve with ongoing works and those planned for this year. In addition to these data, thanks to the efforts of the Municipality and Lagoenses, Lagoa was the municipality in the Algarve with the greatest reduction in water consumption in the urban sector, during the year 2023, compared to the year 2022.


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This is the commitment of the Municipality of Lagoa and all Lagoenses, to continue working to preserve such a precious asset for and for everyone, vital for life."

The City Council of Faro has suspended the use of public water for watering public green spaces, and has closed ornamental fountains, foot baths and showers in bathing areas to combat the drought in the Algarve, announced the municipality.

It is anticipated that other municipalities will follow suit which is yet to be announced.


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