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18,000 Britons request new residence permit

10 January, 2021 Legislation

SEF states, according to Lusa News Agency, that approximately 18,000 requests for replacement of the residence document were made in the last three weeks through the new Brexit Portal, launched on 14 December by SEF, in collaboration with the Embassy of the United Kingdom in Lisbon.

According to SEF, thenew card with the residence permit for British citizens will start to be issued soon and confirms the resident status under the Withdrawal Agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom, guaranteeing the protection of rights.

“Until the card is issued, and after submitting the registration form on the new Portal, UK nationals can download a proof of that request in digital format - a supporting document with a ‘QR Code’ - which can be used whenever travelling, as proof of their residence in Portugal”, clarifies SEF.

As of January 2021, SEF began to notify British nationals to schedule a visit to a service point, in one of the 20 Town Halls selected in the country, to collect biometric data, which will be included in the new title of residence.

SEF recalls that the current European Union residence documents will continue “to be accepted until the new residence permit is issued”.

According to data from the 2019 Frontier Immigration and Asylum Report, 34,358 UK nationals resided in Portugal.

According to the Portuguese government, from 1 January 2021 “travel by UK nationals to Portugal will not be permitted, except for essential purposes. This restriction does not apply to UK nationals who are legally resident in Portugal or any other EU member state.

“On arrival in Portugal including Madeira, Porto Santo and the Azores, you will be required to provide a certificate confirming a negative RT-PCR test result for SARS/COVID-19 taken within 72 hours of departure (not required for children aged 2 or under). Airlines are likely to deny boarding if you cannot provide this at check-in. Check the requirements with your airline in advance of travelling

“In Madeira, you will be required to take an additional RT-PCR test 5 to 7 days after your initial test. From the day you arrive in Madeira until you receive the results of this additional test, you must remain in isolation.”

For further information about the new residency permit, please visit: . For further information about travel restrictions between the UK and Portugal, please visit: