Algarve | Portugal - Don't stop dreaming, come and look for yourself, get inspired, and discover Portugal.
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Portugal - Don't stop dreaming, come and look for yourself, get inspired, and discover Portugal.

Don't stop dreaming, come and look for yourself, get inspired, and discover Portugal. - watch the videos below so you can have an idea of what you have to discover 


Can't Skip a Perfect Wish. Can't Skip Portugal -  



"Can´t skip Hope" These are the words of Turismo de Portugal, and so that the message is not just words Turismo de Portugal has created this magnificent video (below), so you can discover Portugal in a different way while you are at home, if you can not come to visit. Watch it now!


Despite being a relatively small country (516Km long and 218Km wide), the Portuguese natural heritage is extremely rich and diverse. The average altitude is low (240m), with the highest mountain range being the Serra da Estrela, in central Portugal. In the northwest, there are green fertile valleys and tree-covered mountains while vast areas of high plateaus predominate in the northeast. Along the western coast as far as Lisbon the topography is a mixture of lowlands and bays. Moving south the landscape starts to change to a uniform low relief. In the south lies the popular tourist destination of the Algarve.

With such a long sea coast, it is not surprising that Portugal has witnessed so many sailings and arrivals. This is why we have been open to the world and to communication for so long. We have assimilated peoples of different origins: Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans (who left us our language), northern Europeans and peoples from Mauritania. In spite of all these mixtures, Portugal is one of the oldest nations in Europe.

In the 12th century, the country gained its independence from the other kingdoms in the Iberian Peninsula thanks to Count Afonso Henriques, who was our first king at his own wish. A century later, with the conquest of the Algarve, Portugal was todefinitively establish its continental border.

In the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries, the Portuguese were the first Europeans to sail to Africa, the distant Orient and the heart of South America, from where we brought a wealth of treasures. Even before advancing along the coast of Africa, we discovered the archipelagos of the Azores and Madeira, which are part of our territory in the Atlantic.

See the promotional video "Can´t Skip Portugal"


 Beauty and simplicity of Portugal 

Promotional video about Portugal entitled "The Beauty of Simplicity" and was awarded a gold medal at the International Film Festival of Tourism and Ecology of Serbia - "SILAFEST 2012" in the category of Best Tourism Film.

"The Beauty of Simplicity" was also one of four award-winning films at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards 2012, Europe's largest corporate film event.

  This Turismo de Portugal production was also awarded this year with a gold medal in the "Tourfilm Riga" 2012, in the Commercial Film category in Latvia, and with a silver medal at the "World Best Films Awards" in the Short- Footage in New York.



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