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Lisbon the capital

Lisbon is an historic capital, of unusual character and charm, where 800 years of cultural influences mingle with modern trends and lifestyles creating spectacular contrasts.

Lisbon, Portugal’s bright capital spreads along the north bank of the River Tejo, which meets the Atlantic Ocean at this point making it one of the few European capitals with both a river and a coastline.

Lisbon has a Praça do Comércio square as its main meeting area. The city has always been ready to welcome new visitors and to bid a fond farewell to those departing, something that was never truer than when saying goodbye to sailors at the time of the great Portuguese maritime discoveries.

Get to know a bit more about the Capital of Portugal - Lisbon (subtitles in English):


This is why there are many important monuments shining in the light of Lisbon and its surrounding region, such as the Torre de Belém and the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos. The modern leisure area of the Parque das Nações proves that Lisbon still maintains its close links with the river today. Here, for example, you will find the distinctive mark of Álvaro Siza Vieira on one of the buildings that hosted the last world exposition of the 20th century, dedicated to the theme of the oceans. In contrast to this, do not miss the picturesque mediaeval quarters of Alfama and Mouraria, above which stands the castle. This castle, matched by  the Bairro Alto on the opposing hill, leads down to the lower part of the city centre known as the Baixa pombalina.

Just outside the city is the coastal resort of Estoril and the romantic hills of the Serra de Sintra, where the perfect bond between palaces and nature lead to the area being classified as a world heritage site. It is the sea, the climate and the stunning nature that give this region its peculiar energy. Its many parks and nature reserves encourage visitors to spend time in the open air, enjoying the peace and quiet of a round of golf or the adrenaline buzz of surfing. Perhaps this is why Lisbon is a city that is full of life. Here people have an exuberant party spirit, doing things spontaneously for the sheer pleasure of spending time in the company of others.

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