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Algarve - Welcome NOW AND ALWAYS

The tourism department of the Algarve and Portugal inform that "We are ready to welcome you. We take care of your safety, so you can fully enjoy your vacation.



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Each visitor to the Algarve ultimately discovers his own secret. Come and find yours!

 Looking out from the Iberian Peninsula onto the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal is a country of astonishing beauty and diversity. At the southernmost tip of Portugal we find the Algarve, one of the world’s most attractive destinations, and we believe is one of the best kept secrets in Europe, only a few areas are over developed and the coastline, with its golden beaches, is simply magical.

Life in the Algarve - Get to know the Algarve and enjoy it to the full!”

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The climate is one of the healthiest and most pleasant in the world, comparable to California. There is sufficient seasonal variation to make the weather anything but boring, winters are never too cold and the summers never too hot. The skies are predominately blue all year round. With a Mediterranean climate, where the sun shines every day of the year, the Algarve is a region of special flavours and perfumes where happiness is measured by the length of your stay.

The Algarve has managed to retain its timeless old world charm and traditional values.

Derived from the Arabic “Al Garb”, which means “the west” or “the setting sun”, the Algarve has a character that is totally different from the other parts of the country. With the rolling Atlantic to the south and west, the Guadiana River to the east and the Caldeirão and misty blue Monchique mountains to the north, you are assured of some magnificent scenery wherever you look.

As you travel across the Algarve, Portuguese heritage comes to life, as you experience  the enchantments of the landscape, the colours, the flavours and the aromas, all setting the tone of unique moments in gastronomy, tradition, handcrafts, sports, architecture and more... 

The Algarve offers fantastic amenities. The magnificent Marinas in Lagos, Portimão, Albufeira, Vilamoura, Faro and Ferragudo, is the boating-mans harbour of delights.

The wide range of sporting activities offered by the Algarve include many of the world’s most prestigious golf courses and tennis schools are first class, you could try your hand at big game fishing or horse-riding, learn how to water ski or windsurf, you can also experience fado - Portuguese soul music, wander around country fairs taking in time-honoured folk traditions, watch fishermen mend their nets beside brightly painted sardine boats or simple laze in the sun, cooled by the gentle breeze from the sea. The ideal place, to relax and recharge.  

But the Algarve is not just beaches, sun and sea, moderate temperatures all year round, golf, yachting, sea sports, sight-seeing and historical tourism. Wines, tit-bits, soups, fish and seafood, meat, vegetables, traditional dishes and desserts makes the Algarve one huge festival of flavours and experiences.  

There are known hotspots, where they all want to be: the beaches of fashionable, nightclubs on the seafront, the newest five-star hotels, restaurants with Michelin stars, the events of summer. There are a myriad of experiences that mark and that make the Algarve holiday destination most desired by Portuguese and foreign tourists and off course one of the best destinations to live.


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