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Your Dream Holiday Home at a "Fraction" of the Cost

The dream of owning a beautiful holiday or retirement home in the Algarve, with its warm climate, the unique and superb beaches and golf courses, may involve a major financial investment and it’s sometimes difficult to justify if the property is only used occasionally.

There is an Alternative: The Four Owner scheme, also known as the “¼ share properties scheme” a convenient rotating system gives each owner the opportunity to enjoy 13 weeks throughout the year.

For a relatively small investment you become part owner of a freehold property which is yours to enjoy throughout the year on a rotating basis. With three other independent parties, you own a  property in some of the best  and luxury resorts in the Algarve. Each quarter secured by individual title deeds. Purchasing through this well proven system considerably reduces the cost of ownership as it is split into four equal parts, each owner using the property for thirteen weeks of the year.

Visit all our 1/4 shares properties, located in some of the most luxury Spa resorts as well as in the Golf resorts.